Who am I?

Hi, I’m Andreas Engel. I live in Germany, I like music and came first in contact with „The Rolling Stones“ in 1976 when I watched the Paris Show from the same year in TV. I was so impressed, that this changed my life …

Now more than 35 years later I’ve seen the Stones live many many times, had personal meetings with Ronnie Wood, own a huge record collection and came step by step into collection also memorabilia – from posters, handbills, promo items, rarities from all over the world, focussing on the „unusual and rare stuff“ rather than collecting regular merchandize items.

I will publish from time to time some of my stuff, give concert reviews, post event photos etc. … Keep on rocking !


Meet the stars …

I like to go to concerts of my favorite musicians and groups, where the Blues and Rock is the most focus on … and Number 1 remains The Rolling Stones …

Rolling Stones Show Munich Olympiastadium

Rolling Stones – Munich Olympiastadium 2006

… Search Andreas …

Here some of the pics I got when I met „my stars“.

with Ronnie Wood in London 2010

Ronnie Wood backstage in London 2010

Starting with Ronnie Wood (former Jeff Beck Group & Faces, now Rolling Stones), I met him backstage in London between the two shows at Ambassadors Theatre October 19th 2010 …

Bill Wyman Germany 2004

Bill Wyman Nuremberg 2004

with Bill Wyman Amsterdam 2008

Bill Wyman Amsterdam 2008

… Bill Wyman (ex Rolling Stones) 2004 in Nuremberg/Germany and 2008 Amsterdam before the Show (with Mick Taylor)

with Daryl Jones in Germany 2008

Daryl Jones Gotha 2008

… Darryl Jones (bass player Miles Davis and Rolling Stones) 2012 in Germany with „Stone Raiders“

with Jean-Paul Bourelli (Stone Raiders)

Jean-Paul Bourelli (Stone Raiders)

… Head of „Stone Raiders“ Jean-Paul Bourelli

Living Color drummer Will Calhoun

Living Color drummer Will Calhoun

… Drummer of Stone Raiders is the well known „Living Color“ drummer Will Calhoun.

John Mayall Germany 2012

John Mayall Germany 2012

… The „Godfather of Blues“ Mr. John Mayall, behind the merchandising desk where he sold his CD’s by himself (before the show), it was a great pleasure to talk to him, get some stuff signed and make the photo – Thanks John !

Johnny Winter Germany 2012

Johnny Winter Germany 2012

… Johnny Winter (R.I.P) in his Tourbus while signing some stuff

Alice Cooper Germany 2014

Alice Cooper Germany 2014

… Alice Coper … my son is a big fan so I arranged the meet and greet for him and was there as well 🙂

Chuck Leavell Germany 2007

Chuck Leavell Germany 2007

… backstage with Chuck Leavell in Germany, famous castle Wartburg 2007

Udo Lindenberg Germany  2007

Udo Lindenberg Germany 2007

… very well known German Rock Singer Udo Lindenberg at famous castle Wartburg 2007 (after show party)

Eric Bibb Germany 2010

Eric Bibb Germany 2010

… Blues Singer and guitarist Eric Bibb in Germany 2010 at castle Wartburg after the show


Jean-Jacques Kravitz Eisenach 2013

… with Jean-Jacques Kravitz (Backing Band Udo Lindenberg, Peter Maffey, and Founder of Krautrock Band Frumpy) in Eisenach „Alter Maelzerei“ after a hot and sweaty Jam Session


Clueso 2013

… with german singer „Clueso“ as guest star



Chris Jagger StonesFanMuseum Luechow Germany 2014

… with Mick’s younger brother Chris at a concert in the Stones Fan Museum Lüchow Germany November 1st 2014


Joe Bonamassa before the show in Hannover 2015

… Joe Bonamassa, a great guitar player in Germany Mai 2015


George Thorogood backstage 2015

… the great Blues / Rock star George Thorogood before a hot show in Nuremberg 2015 (together with my son)

DSCF2008 (1)

Legendary drummer Pete York 2015

… with the legendary drummer Pete York (Spencer Davis Group, Hardin & York …) in Jazz location „Alte Maelzerei“ Eisenach / Germany

… more to come 2016 …